'on beginning at the end'

one day i stopped feeling much at all
an eerie state of inner void
i disconnected as a mother
wife daughter sister friend
i stopped laughing
i opted out of enjoying my everyday
i thought it was a transient phase
one i can pull myself out of
only to realise
i was not equipped to deal with it alone
no one is
so i asked for help
and all the while
took photos and scribbled down words
for 365 days straight
of my ordinary LIFE happenings
it helped to nurture my old new self into recovery
as i fell in love ONCE MORE
with daily PATTERNS AND rituals
so here i carved a virtual space
to carry on with stories of the everyday
and newfound creative living
to keep on cultivating
a better than before

thank you for stopping by
i truly hope you find something
that resonates nurtures encourages inspires
with whatever you may be going through yourself
come stay share

more of my story

i understand getting stuck. i understand wanting to make a change while circling around the same neural cage. i understand that sometimes, when you are at the stage of life when you have given yourself over to mothering and daughtering and you get to keep very little of yourself, it can be hard to live with open doors. yet in an effort to hoard solitude and keep people out, there is a risk that all you end up doing is fencing yourself in.
— 'the art of noticing the small and significant' by kyo maclear