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'me on her'

29 june 2017. the day i first came across victoria's world of palette and light. i remember because we both posted a wooden hand manikin clutching some blooms on instagram that day. hers etched with elegant botanicals. mine plain wooden. i scrolled through her squares absorbed in feelings. we later got to know each other closer as part of a nourishing instagram group. and still her art, photography and words make me feel things i felt on that day last june. a sort of nordic melancholy of an overcast day warmed through by a scolding mug of perfectly brewed tea. a sort of blue grey nostalgia wrapping you gently up and holding you till you are ready to step back into the present. a sort of calm that snow silence brings with grey light curling in. a sort of moment of calm and introspection that is not there without a prompt by her creativity. i hope you feel something too when you meet her

i forget briefly what’s around me other than creating my thoughts into a picture

'on why she draws'

in a short version, because i can't stop, it's part of me these days that is beyond any thought and control that i have. i was never consciously aware of why i did what i did and loved it so much, it was just something i always had an underlying passion for but as i’ve encouraged myself to explore more into my creativity i’ve discovered how wonderful it is when others get something out of my art too and the feelings of escapism and peace that i get from each piece draw/paint/photograph is encouragement enough for me to continue on this path. it’s something i would do regardless but through social media i’ve discovered a fabulous community of people who get it too and that encourages me daily to continue on my creative journey 

'on how she feels when she draws'

it’s pure escapism
it’s a feeling of self
drawing/painting without a direct plan and putting pen to paper/paint to canvas is such a meditative state that i forget briefly what’s around me other than creating my thoughts into a picture. unless of course my mojo has vanished and i’m forcing myself to create something, then i can feel quite frustrated and i’m learning nowadays to step away and leave it a while until it returns. ebb & flow!

'on her earliest memory of drawing'

looking back i was always drawing and writing stories as a child. i remember watching tony hart and being so envious of his talents and dreaming of being as skilled as him one day. i would always be creating and copying things down in sketchbooks. i wish i had kept them, i have very little these days from my childhood but they’d be wonderful to look back on! drawing was never a conscious thing, it was just something i did and looking back i see my creative journey coming full circle. i now love writing nearly as much as i do drawing, although art will always be my ‘thing’

'on her creative workspace'

my little studio is my haven. it’s recently just been re painted and is looking very fresh & clean!
a small room in my home with an old pine table in one corner and an easel in the other. on a sunny day the sun shines straight through the window onto the wall next to me, i’m forever distracted by the light and shadows! one day i dream of a studio in amongst the trees where i can escape, but also help others through art. that’s the dream!

'on collaboration'

her illustration of my poem - 'on self to be'

i catch a glimpse
of self to be
at some point
in the future
with edges unrefined
an out of focus
kind of vision
desired specifics
evolved reshaped
by life
dare i say
relative wisdom
but with the strength
of comfort it affords
i realise regardless
of it’s permutations
the reassurance
of it’s presence
it anchors me
in present
on to be self drawing IG.JPG

'on how she lets herself know she is loved by her'

i'm still learning to be kind to myself but i’m far more aware of the signs these days and i’m learning to face them head on rather than bury them deep because they will always rear their ugly heads again when i least expect it! i find writing helps me massively. writing without the fear that it’ll be read, getting it all out on paper but mostly i need time alone to recharge. time out in nature is guaranteed to bring me back into what’s important and what’s true. if i can't get out then i head to my studio. i’ll draw or paint, listening to my instinct and switching off from the busy thoughts in my head by drawing, which is always nature. i guess the short version of this answer would be nature. i use nature as a way to reset the balance that sometimes is lost in a busy life. i’m learning finally that kindness to myself can be as simple as a walk in the woods. an hour quiet to draw or a cup of tea listening to birdsong on a morning. i must do this more often!


'on three things that are part of her everyday'

  • the camera. a new gift to myself. less intimidating than the big beast i’d been previously using and comes with me often just incase the lights pretty and i can record a moment forever
  • tea. my day revolves around it but always starts with coffee. proper coffee with maple syrup. i could probably record my day in hot drinks, from start to finish
  • my sketchbook. i hope to fill it full of experiments with colour and sketches of things that inspire me and trees. i’m forever sketching trees!

'on how hearing a song she listened to when she was thirteen makes her feel now'

it's bon jovi 'always'. i am transported instantly back to a place where i feel safe. i feel a warm sense of self at this age, which i suppose is rare for 13 years olds but it puts me instantly at ease. i forget all for an instant and remember a song that i instantly connected to and that made me feel something. as the song goes on i feel brief moments of sadness as it wasn’t many years after that that i felt the need to change who i was to fit in and due to my life circumstances changing i looked for that sense of feeling something elsewhere. my overall feeling though is one of happiness, a brief time in my life that i remember fondly and always will

thank you so very much for joining us
you can see more of victoria's work and words here 


once upon a cross-country in norway


i am not who i was
in a place that is entirely what it was when i was last here
disorienting familiarity at first
but the body remembers and the mind takes comfort in that
what i was expecting to find coming back
the condensed silence of the snow
everywhere you listen
remember, push and glide through the expanse
gentle heat builds up from inside of all the woollen layers
fresh scented succulent cold nibbles on the chin
falling snow slowing the time right down
now not a lawyer
now a mother of two
now still a wife, daughter, sister and friend
taking in the details that went previously unnoticed
the familiar fatigue setting in
the muscle memory carrying me forward
push and glide push and glide
then the inner-critic ruling the roost at full force
now trying not to review the past or reherse the future
now trying not to be easily swayed by praise or criticism
now trying to grow the inner freedom
now exploring creative living
finding comfort in the soothing rhythm
push and glide push and glide
i am not who i was
in a place that is entirely what it was when i was last here
only now i perceive it without distorting it
i feel it deeply