introducing series: 'creative companions'

one day i stopped feeling much at all
an eerie state of inner void
i disconnected as a mother
wife daughter sister friend
i stopped laughing
i opted out of enjoying my everyday
i thought it was a transient phase
one i can pull myself out of
only to realise
i was not equipped to deal with it alone
no one is
so i asked for help
and all the while
took photos and scribbled down words
for 365 days straight
of my ordinary life happenings
it helped to nurture my old new self into recovery
as i fell in love once more
with daily patterns and rituals
forming the fabric of our lives
so here i carved a virtual space
to carry on with stories of the everyday
and newfound creative living

half way through my 365 project, i came across a book that felt all sorts of serendipitous at the time. i gulped it down in one sitting. uplifted and emboldened by elizabeth gilbert's interpretation of creative living as 'a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than fear'.  an existence more enchanted and less mundane. it felt at once so obvious, yet unfamiliar to me. i brewed on it. i went back and reread it slowly. resisting temptation to underline in continuum. it shifted my mindset. it encouraged me to feel creative in my own skin. it gave me perspective to 'appreciate the value of my own joy' - to take pleasure in creative pursuits for the sake of pleasure it gave to me and to me only. no one else. it helped me to feel like i was more than 'the sum of my daily obligations and duties', like i was 'making something of' myself, like i was 'making something with' myself. it encouraged me to live creatively even through the days when i lost all perspective and meaning of that really means. it urged me to give the creative muscle a regular workout patient in the knowledge that

they come
they go
they visit when
you least expect them
with total disregard
as to your wantings
stay still
don’t make a sound
they’ll circle round and settle
then you can stretch your arms
and grab hold
for a delectable degustation

since then i have come across a community of creative companions, on instagram and in real life. all practising creative living because it is 'still the best way [for us] to unfold a certain beauty and transcendence within' our lives that we 'cannot seem to access in any other matter'  

this series is a collection of stories of creative companions i have encountered along the way. some closely, some admired from afar. told in their own words. through their own longings, aspirations and feelings. stories i wanted to share with you because their company made me feel things

i hope they make you feel things too  

*all quotes from 'big magic' by elizabeth gilbert