'on mental health awareness week'

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this time last year
i asked for help
reversing an eerie state of inner void
help finding laughter joy connection
enjoyment of my everyday
i thought it was a transient phase
one i can pull myself out of
only to realise
i was not equipped to deal with it alone
no one is
so i asked for help
it felt shameful defeatist daunting
in hindsight the bravest step to take
when you are scared, lonely, empty
do ask for help
because when you get to the end
there is always another beginning
a thorny unchartered road ahead
but even just naming the beast
is already part of the moving
forwards and backwards
you look for an opening
the knowledge and motion
helps with the wobbling
take pit stops when you need them
but push on ahead
it takes time and effort to get to the end
but there is always another beginning
do ask for help