my brain changers: january

'on changing the way i think'

what are my brain changers
come stay share your thoughts

'on neuroscience'

transformational power of our brains explained inspiringly simply in this video

'on unexpected'

one, a molecular biologist turned buddhist monk and dubbed 'the happiest man on earth' after his brain was imaged. the other, a neuroscientist. both fascinated by the workings of the human mind. contemplative vs. empirical. introspective vs. scientific observation. it was a real privilege to be in the audience as these two esteemed friends continued their conversation on stage. the dialogue so eloquent, engaging and stimulating. the science of the mind approached so differently, yet equally as compelling. they have put some of their conversation into a book. i am absorbing it a page at a time. i shall be back to share my ponderings when finished. 

you can hear matthieu ricard, the monk, talk about his view on happiness not as a pleasurable state, but as a human flourishing on one of my favourite  podcasts . he is an utmost charming and delectable guest.


'on evocative'

(while listening to carousel, by alexis ffrench)

in its evocative prowess
it came on
as we were driving home
it really got me
it took me places
made me smile
the melancholic and amibguous
mona lisa kind
the scenes of all my favourite
childhood soviet films
embraced me in a nostalgic hug
i sat there eyes shut sun beaming
i let it take me  

'on connecting through conversation'

one of my favouritest women reading an essay on one of my favouritests podcasts about how love is sustained 

'on collaboration'

we have never met in real life. i don't know what she looks like or how old she is. if she prefers tea or coffee. or dislikes hot drinks altogether. i know she lives in sidney. i know that i am asleep when she is awake and draws with a pencil. we were brought together by unvael journal. she illustrated a poem of mine for issue 2. this week she sent something that in her words 'matched my vibe'. i have put it together with a poem of mine i instantly thought of when seeing it. thank you, @sparksflyidraw for making my heart sing

i hope it also makes you feel things

day 311: wednesday
holding on to the stillness
embracing the blur
carrying on regardless
wading through the fog
looking out for the glimmers
calling on the reserves
training up resilience
even if hurts

'on conversation with a six year old'

me: 'how is it that all people are born sweet little humans, but some then grow up to do mean and horrible things?'
her: 'because they can't resist the dark side of the force'
may the force be with you, i think to myself, always 

'on words underlined'

as for what constitutes 'a meaningful life,' i think it’s a life in which we are fully participatory. it is a life in which we are most present, in which we explore and create and love as our most honest selves. the only way we get to know that self is by pressing up against our walls, learning what feels good, what opens us up and what makes us unique.

perhaps that means saying yes when we want to say no, or vice versa; maybe it means courting humiliation not by doing what scares us, but by doing what excites us; maybe it’s the daunting work of figuring out what those things are by spending more time with ourselves and our thoughts. after all, turning inward can be risky — it makes it much more difficult to hide.
'can you lead a meaningful life without taking any risks?by megan nesmith


'on good things'

· a bunch of daffodils soaked in afternoon light
· meeting someone in real life that you have admired from afar and not being disappointed with their real life self
yes, sas petherick is truly as wisdomous, nourishing and inspiring as you think
· the sight of him in her old burnt orange pixie bonnet toddling at speed
· the just right firmness of a perfectly ripe avocado
· the just right gooeyness of a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egga brisk morning walk
· timer going off letting me know my cup of tea is ready for milk and sipping (i have become very british about the tea brewing timings lately)
· defrosting icicle hands around a said cup of tea
· her face glowing with excitement aplenty at the prospect of another wobbly tooth
· sneaking off unnoticed with a handful of chocolate covered raisins that grandpa brought round for the kids (sorry, kids)
· the occasional bird tweet catching you off guard. spring is coming
· the satisfying thud of a new issue of favourite magazine landing on the door mat

have a gentle week and thank you again for your company