my brain changers: february (2 of 2)

'on changing the way i think'

what are my brain changers
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'on inspiring conversation'

the human quest to belong. 'when we’re our best selves with each other, i don’t think that’s what’s possible between people; i believe that’s what’s true between people.' brené brown, a wisdomous social researcher and human being, discusses the idea of belonging. belonging to ourselves. belonging to a community. belonging as part of our human dna

'on raising a human being'

· what do we owe to the people who loved us in childhood? an encyclopedic emotional education
· how children understand their own difficult emotions

'on winning'


i go in the morning early
before anyone else is up
my fear comes with
totally unplanned
by sneaking through the back
i acknowledge it
akin to an old familiar sight
but suddenly i am aware
it is no longer in the driver’s seat
i am
i graciously allow it to linger
but no more than that
small tiny victories
are truly big enough

'on words underlined'

it’s important to recognise that self-love is an unfolding process that gains strength over time, not a goal with a fixed end point. when we start to pay attention, we see that we’re challenged daily to act lovingly on our own behalf. simple gestures of respect - care of the body, rest for the mind, and beauty for the soul in the form of music and art or nature - are all ways of showing ourselves love. really, all of our actions - from how we respond when we can’t fit into our favorite jeans to the choice of foods we eat - can signify self-love or self-sabotage. so can the way we react when a stranger cuts us off in line, a friend does something hurtful, or we get an unwelcome medical diagnosis. as maya angelou said in her book letter to my daughter, 'you may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.' i started meditation practice, as many do, with the need to turn around that tendency to feel reduced by life. 'self love is an adventure, not a destination' by sharon salzburg

'on mama letter'


i see you so full of zest for life
it seems to bloom as you do
my main wish for you
as you are turning two
is that your love for life
shall never weaken

'on good things'

  • spontaneous extra tight embraces on our return
  • privilege to share raw and human stories
  • afternoons getting lighter while mornings are still dark enough to breakfast with candles
  • daffodils tulips hyacinths crocuses
  • catching a whiff of birthday baking
  • his utter delight at celebrations 
  • his utter overwhelm at celebration song
  • bow tie and braces 
  • going back to old haunts and seeing her grown up in places where she was growing up
  • morning to spend just with her - wondering, gossiping, walking arm in arm

have a gentle week and thank you again for your company